Return with Confidence

Join a program to support you in the
transition of returning to work after maternity leave
with confidence, clarity & competence

After a period of time away from paid work whilst on maternity leave, the thought of going back to work can be exciting, daunting and scary mixed in with a whole range of emotions.
It is a big transition not only for yourself, but your child and family.

I regularly speak with women that lack confidence, clarity and self-belief towards the end of their maternity leave and not looking forward to returning to (paid) work.

We get so much support going on parental leave to have our child, but there is little support for mothers re-entering the workforce. That's where the "Return with Confidence" program will support you throughout this period.

The four module Return to Work program will help you gain
Conviction, Clarity and Confidence

  • Broken down into four key parts of return to work 
  • Course delivered on-demand 
  • Supporting workbook and resources 
  • Private Facebook community for support and know you aren't alone 
  • Bonus masterclasses 
  • One month FREE access to the Working Mumma Village 

The "Return with Confidence" program will help you:

* Identity strategies to manage mum guilt  
* Remind you of your strengths
* Develop schedules and routines to support you in the transition
* Support you in the motherhood identity shift that we all experience
* Understand your rights and entitlements
* Recognise the importance of self-care and build this into your schedule  
* Give you the confidence to return to work and thrive! 

Return with Confidence
Program Overview

After you enroll, you will be invited to join the private Facebook community and complete the program survey. This will help understand your current mindset and how the program can be tailored to support you best.

We will have an introductory call to get to know each other a little better so we can support each other along the way. 

Parental leave is probably the longest period you have had away from your job and career. Initially, there’s an adjustment period as you make the transition from employee to Mum. The role of raising a little human sees you feeling like you now exist in an entirely different world to the one you left behind. A world that can be a lot less scheduled and highly unpredictable! Whilst you’ve been beyond busy during your parental leave and may not have given work a second thought, as you get close to returning to work, it’s a great opportunity to reflect to see if or how your values, priorities and outlook has changed. 

As you consider your return to work, you may feel like you haven’t been using certain skills for a while. Instead, you’ve been learning new skills. Don’t underestimate the skills and experience you have gained while on parental leave and as a Mum raising a little human.

Consider this, if you’ve been putting loads of washing on before settling bub and then hanging it out while bub is sleeping (fingers crossed they’ve been sleeping), that’s time management! If you’ve been reading up on the latest news while feeding bub, that’s multitasking!

Don’t underestimate yourself. You’ve been doing the toughest job on the planet. Going back to work will be a piece of cake in comparison.

There are many different options for flexible work. The perception of flexible work is often that it is part-time and for women, but it is so much more with a variety of options.

We will also go through your rights and tips to support the transition back to work. 

Going back to work may add a new layer of complexity around meals, household chores, spending time with your child, your partner, family, friends and of course, yourself!

This week will be focused on being aware of the key priorities and having a plan to manage them will help your household to run a little more smoothly. 

Meet Carina O'Brien,
founder Working Mumma

I am a wife, sister, friend and mum to 2 boys (3 years & 8 months - yes its a busy house!), an angel baby and fur baby. I enjoy being active, and going for a run is my thing. I also enjoy a nice glass of red or gin in front of the fire with hubby.

In 2019, I founded Working Mumma, and continue to build a community that engages with over 3,000 women to support them in navigating their journey of motherhood and career. I am passionate about helping women have a career and be a mum.

When I returned to work after my first maternity leave, it wasn't smooth and after I spoke with other women, I realised I wasn't alone. Since then I have been working on building this program to support women in the transition to successfully return to work after maternity leave. 

Always know you aren't alone mumma

Returning to work can be challenging. The person you were at work pre- baby is a little (or possibly a lot) different to the current version of you. The you that’s returning has an additional role title and along with the amazing perk of unconditional love, comes a seemingly endless list of new responsibilities!

As you consider your return to work you may find that you have a new way of thinking. Babies impact our lives in sooo many ways, beyond what we may have ever expected. You’ve been looking after this new little human who has been entirely dependent on you. Just as parental leave was a huge adjustment, returning to work is another major adjustment in the journey. With this, comes a whole new range of challenges, so it helps to be mentally prepared as possible and that's why I have created the "Return with Confidence" program. 

"Return with Confidence" Program Pricing

Here are the A's to your Q's

The "Return with Confidence" program aims to support women returning to work in the next 3-6 months or recently returned to work and lacking confidence & support.

The program is available on-demand for you to access and watch the content at your own pace. You will have life time access to the content.

Carina will be available in the Working Mumma Village Facebook group to answer any questions you have along the way. 

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