A membership for working mums to help
you thrive in work & motherhood

Say goodbye to navigating the stress, guilt, and anxiety of being a working mum. 
Say hello to a community of like-minded women to support you every step of the way.

You can have a career AND be a mum

Meet the founder of Working Mumma, Carina O'Brien

Behind every working mum is a Village,
supporting her every step of the way to follow her dreams & ambitions

Many women believe they are forced to choose between being a mum and having a career. But, you don't need to. The Working Mumma Village supports you in being able to have both - work & be a mum.

By joining the Working Mumma Village membership, you get access to a community of like-minded women so you no longer feel alone in wanting to have a career & be a mum.  It's ok and perfectly normal to be ambitious and have a successful career.

Inside the Working Mumma Village, you will connect with fellow working mums wanting to support you to reach your goals and help you find YOUR balance of Motherhood, a successful career, and thrive.

Here's a glimpse of what you get
inside the Working Mumma Village


Develop your knowledge and skills with deep dives into topics with experts that allow you to take action and grow.  The sessions will be recorded and available in the member portal.


Have a burning question that you would like to get tips & advice on?  We'll open the floor up to share experiences and learnings to provide you the support you need. These sessions are called "pow wows".


Regular resources & check lists released to help you in career and motherhood.  


When courses are released, you will be entitled to discounts & bonuses.  


Hopefully, we can run face to face events again in the future.  Looking to host events and provide face to face community building. 


It's often not what you know, but who. The exclusive Facebook group will be a safe space for everyone to share their highs, lows & journey.    Regular networking will be held virtually and allow members to get to know & support each other. 

What topics do we cover inside the Village?

Here are a few topics we cover inside the Working Mumma Village (but also keen for your feedback)
Mental Load | Career Development | Self-care | Mum guilt | Home organisation | Work/life balance | Career planning | Personal Goals | Maternity Leave | Return to work | Identity | Personal Brand | Flexible Work + so much more!

Allow yourself permission to have a career after children

Having children changes our outlook on the way we see the world.

Our priorities change, and our children become #1 above everything else.

Our identity changes.  We transition in an instant from being an individual to someone's mum and searching for confidence with our new identity.  

Our focus on career often changes and move down in the priority list.  We want to be there for our family, have flexibility, but still want a career.  
You don't have to choose one or the other.  Nor should people make you feel guilty for wanting both.  Everyone has their own path. We feel better when we can gain comfort in knowing that others are going through a similar experience and challenges.  

That's where the Working Mumma Village is here to fill that void and support you in managing the juggle.

Member Benefits

Experience the power of a supportive community & network with fellow working mum's there to share in your journey and wins 

Grow your knowledge for topics specifically relating to working mothers through the live & on-demand member only masterclasses 

Ask questions and engage with other members in private Facebook group

Support you in growing on confidence and self-belief as a working mum so you can thrive

Exclusive discounts to future Working Mumma events & online programs 

Access to member only resources to support you in managing the juggle

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  • Monthly networking session
  • Exclusive Facebook group
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  • Member resources
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  • Monthly masterclasses
  • Monthly networking session
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Access to all previous masterclasses on demand
  • Member resources
  • Discount to Working Mumma events

"We are expected to raise children like we don't have a career,
and have a career like we don't have children" - Annabel Crabb

As mums, we put everyone else's needs above our own, every single day.  The best return on investment we can make for our children is to invest in ourselves. Mums are the heartbeat of a family.  When we are feeling great, this flows onto the rest of the family in positive way.  We have communities to support us when we first become a mum, but not on the journey of managing career and Motherhood.  The Working Mumma Village helps you to fill that void.  

This IS for you if

  • You are looking for a community of like-minded women that get what it's like to be a working mum 
  • You have a growth mindset 
  • You are motivated and inspired by doers, and it excites you when you see other mumma's kicking goals 
  • You experience feelings such as mum guilt or imposter syndrome and want to overcome this  
  • You feel like you never have enough time and overwhelmed 
  • You have external blocks 
  • You no longer want to feel alone as a working mum 

This ISN'T for you if

  • You expect private or 1:1 coaching
  • You are looking for a course - the Working Mumma Village is an ongoing membership where content is delivered each month. We will be delivering monthly content that supports the needs of the village.
  • You are looking for a quick fix 
  • You don't have a growth mindset 
  • You expect everything to be in the Village straight away - This is not a course and content will be added every month based on the needs of the Village.  This allows things to stay up to date and relevant with the evolving needs of working mothers. 

What other members say about joining the Working Mumma Village

"Go for it, the community is excellent"

"Do it!!! You realise you are not alone"

The Working Mumma Village is focused on YOU to successfully manage work and motherhood, so you have less Mum Guilt and Thrive

Which of these speaks to you the most?

Hi, I'm Carina!

Founder of Working Mumma 

I am a wife, sister, friend and mum to 2 boys (1 & 3 years - yes its a busy house!), an angel baby and fur baby.  I enjoy being active, and going for a run is my thing.  I also enjoy a nice glass of red or gin in front of the fire with hubby.  

In 2019, I founded Working Mumma, and continue to build a community that engages with over 3,000 women to support them in navigating their journey of motherhood and career. I am passionate about helping women have a career and be a mum.

The inspiration for Working Mumma came when I was 6 months pregnant with my first son and I was wondering how I was going to have a career and still be a mum - I wanted both. I looked around for stories and tips on how to manage the juggle and couldn’t find what I was after. So, I created it myself!

My career is a patchwork of different experiences, working across IT, sports management, strategy & marketing/communications functions, in organisations from small start-ups to large multinationals. Like my work background, my study has also been varied. My undergraduate degree was in IT/IS and I later completed post-graduate studies and obtained my Masters in Management. I have a thirst for knowledge & believe you never stop learning in life and looking for new ways to grow and develop

Here are the A's to your Q's

They will be open again in a few months time.  But, no time has been set. Make sure you are on the mailing list to stay up to date

The Working Mumma Village is for women that are planning, pregnant or have children and looking for support, personal development and connection on juggling motherhood and a career. It is for women that are employed and also have their own business.

We spend so much of our day focused on everyone else but ourselves.  For a very small amount each month you can learn, grow, and develop at your own pace.  If you aren't able to attend the live sessions, that ok! They will be recorded and uploaded to the member portal.  The membership will also support you in creating more organisation and time in your life so you can spend it with your loved ones.  

Starting from this month and for every month thereafter, we will be adding the latest and most up-to-date content and resources that will see you progress along the Working Mumma Village Success Path. Unlike a course, where you enter and you have immediate access to pre-recorded content, the Working Mumma Village is about you accessing FRESH content every month for as long as you choose to remain.

It's a large group experience where there is some teaching and I answer some of the questions of the live attendees. There will also be opportunity to submit questions and these will be selected at random. If you want your questions answered, you can also ask in the group where there is already a wealth of experience amongst members.

Live events are held on either a Tuesday or Thursday around lunchtime and available 24 hour after on-demand.

All women either they have their own business or work for a company are welcome to join - the juggle is still real. 

It certainly is. The Working Mumma Village will help prepare you for motherhood from a career perspective.